Hello, North.


A 60 day account of my journey to the capital of India – Delhi.


A-Levels was such a drag.

I started out in 2013 when I was 17 and now I was 20 – soon 21. Failure was something of a common theme in my life – something I knew very well and sometimes better than those that called themselves my friends. However, I was happy that I had explored a range of subjects – biology, chemistry, physics, applied computers, food science, psychology, sociology, art and deign and literature. I was a jack of all trades or rather I felt like the master of Jack himself.

Finally my choice of subjects boiled down to the humanities after I refused to take my biology and chemistry exams in 2015 and flunked them in 2016. There was something amiss though , I felt that if I continued at school – where all of us were moving at this stupendously sluggish pace, I would age well into my early 30s! So I decided to leave which caused a butterfly effect as so did my at the time girlfriend, and a bunch of other senior students. It must’ve been quite a loss for a school of 50 to have 15 of us slide off like an avalanche – just like that. Gone.

I felt quite dreary and  exhausted having studied in the same school for nearly a decade! Ha at least my sister will beat my record. I was glad that I had made this decision because now I would not be a ‘product’ of a school, and all my certificates at 12th grade would spell out loud the words ‘Private Candidate’!

Funnily enough within six months of preparation I appeared for my exams and, guess what?                                                                                                                                                         I did well in English Literature, just passed sociology and flunked psychology! So the cycle repeats itself once more…

Of course there was an outburst at home and a sea of tears – as is the case, in 90 percent of Indian homes whether the son/daughter did exceedingly well (my sister) or were an academic disaster (me), and this time I was not alone. My sister (thank God) had sadly failed too – for I have never ever, ever known a time when she got anything below a higher A or B. This time my parents were dead serious with me and there was talk about throwing me out the house or even worse disowning me – well the former was just a nicer way of putting the latter.

Anyway I told myself – “I was made for learning, not donkey work (studying).”


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