What the cosmic whale saw in space

spce whaleHi, Arvind again. This is a series of infinite poems about space,the ethereal and things even Stephen Hawking wishes he could box up in his theory of everything. PS – a fan of his work even though I suck at physics. Will publish as a book with illustrations by next March – 2018


Breaking free from the deep sea,

This gargantuan telescope with fins – grins,

As he beats his tail and lets out a triumphant wail,

He swims to the edge of the universe to rehearse,

The songs of Space and Time that rhyme,

With the very rhythm of his heart as now he’ll start,

A journey away from this puny –


He swam full throttle through a portal,

And fell into a pool so cool

That he did not imagine he’d win –

Landing in timeless space, and space-less time,

The cosmic whale felt infinite like kryptonite

He neither found this place like space or sea

So he called it –



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