Spacey to his surprise was like the vast ocean,

Home to astral bodies and flying objects in motion,

A million colours unknown to the Cosmic whale,

For he saw only in Black and White,

Waxed this void like a canvas painted by Miro,

With little dots that swam about and formed images –

As if hung there by Seurat,

Comets whizzed about – each a fiery hue of the Sunflowers,

And nebulae looked like

Dreams caused by a flight of the bee around a pomegranate a second,

Juicing out beautifully the multifaceted existence of that beyond comprehension,

Where man will always be a voyager, never conqueror.

But swimming past these metaphors he saw in shades of grey,

The cosmic whale made forth towards the shoal of stars,

In one fell swoop,

Gobbling and devouring a million at a time, like




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