Only Daughter of Sol


Aeons ago when Sol wept tears,

That sparked fireworks in the Milky-way,

Flares of Orange seeped,

Not farther away from his reach,

Pure Cantaloupe – the soothing orange of affection,

Prancing Tiger – the blinding orange of courage and enlightenment, and

Ribbons of Rust – the orange of blithe and eternal lust,

Set Venus afloat like a paper-lantern into cosmic dust.

There she flirts with passersby –

White Dwarfs, Pulsars, Comets, Constellations and all,

Occasionally giving birth to a star or black-hole that travel afar,

Carrying with them their mother’s grace and wisdom,

As they conjure galaxies of their own,

Sending riches back like whole nebulae

Which Venus adorns against her ever-youthful body,

Smiling with pride.


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