Aeons before ‘aeons’ was termed,

A boring ball of Grey-Matter

Whose origin is alien, hung

In Blackness stiller than the night,

Before Sol came into being,

Who is often confused for his daughter

Moon of the Hunt,


If you look closely you’ll see –

That is if your eye can capture

The sight of aqueous steel zapping by,

So swiftly that it could derail from its orbit

As if he were running a race with Light.

Mercury is Solar Wind,

That stokes the furnace of Sol –

No, he probably gave him life and set him

Ablaze for aeons to come.

But be weary of his whirling speed,

For a day may come,

Years from now,

When he causes –

A magnificent Solar Fission,

And zooms alone into another galaxy

While his brethren meet an ill-fate.

The first comes second and the third comes first?

What madness are these tales of space?

Thought the whale.


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