The Quintessential Space-cadet

space cadetPS – written for all the Space-cadets out there – Love Ya’ll!

Your mind is the galaxy’s edge,

Forever expanding through –

Time and


Hardening like diamonds everything

It comes across –

Forming crystallised, multifaceted

Webs of information

Very much like Nebulae

Yet free-flowing through dimensions unvisited –

Black-holes and beyond,

Light-years away,

From this mundane place

We call


It’s an escapade,

You’ve made

You self-contained astronaut,

Holding within your suit the –

Secrets of the Milky-Way

And the numbers that make up Infinity,

You hop through this

Lonely planet of life with

No one to challenge your

Mental Karate

Wishing there existed –

Martians or Uranians

Whose brain waves are

Tuned to your frequency,

And their ever sceptical outlook (like yours)

On the functioning of society.

You are more

Amused by the thought of

Swimming through gaseous Jupiter,

Or skating through dust

On the ice-rings of Saturn,

Perhaps even chilling on the cheesy of Moon,

Or running ’round

The curvaceous mounts of Pluto?

Rather than be found

Rotting in an unending

Void called the Internet,

Where “self-image”

Outweighs “self-actualisation”.

Hush now

And speed through your neural pathway

On blazing comets called imagination,

For you are geared to live a

Life on an evolved plane of

Another parallel reality,

Where humans like us may never go.

Cross those pulsars and white dwarfs,

And astral bodies,

Sometimes play and connect those dotty stars

To invent a few more constellations,

And stir up a supernova

In the Cosmos.

Although you may seem “distant”

You remember well the rule of

The Universe –

“One is born from cosmic dust,

And returns to the source when they must,

This much they should know and trust,

For life is not a beginning that ends –

But a continuum that ever flows.”

Which we have all forgotten

Because we’re caught up,

In man-made variables such as –

“Finding our purpose”, or

“Altering our destiny”, or

Amassing wealth to avoid any


When all we had to do was

Pull out our telescopes

And star-gaze for answers –

Like you.

While others may perceive you –

To be “spaced-out” all the time,

We’re the only ones that know

You ride a light-beam

Back and forth between

The real and the surreal,

Ever comprehending the metaphysical –

That which is beyond the mundane

And truly rooted in the

Enchanting presence of the moment!




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