The Quintessential Space-cadet

PS – written for Isabel Vaz and other Space-cadets out there – Love Ya’ll! Your mind is the galaxy’s edge, Forever expanding through – Time and Space. Hardening like diamonds everything It comes across – Forming crystallised, multifaceted Webs of information Very much like Nebulae Yet free-flowing through dimensions unvisited – Black-holes and beyond, Light-years away, […]

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Hm. Everything seemed like a blur caught up in a continuum of uncertainty – academics, family life, social circles,(at least my love life was brimming with hope), and the future. Especially the future. I had always been weary of change – which is but the feeling of starting things over again from scratch and working your […]

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Only Daughter of Sol

Aeons ago when Sol wept tears, That sparked fireworks in the Milky-way, Flares of Orange seeped, Not farther away from his reach, Pure Cantaloupe – the soothing orange of affection, Prancing Tiger – the blinding orange of courage and enlightenment, and Ribbons of Rust – the orange of blithe and eternal lust, Set Venus afloat like […]

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Aeons before ‘aeons’ was termed, A boring ball of Grey-Matter Whose origin is alien, hung In Blackness stiller than the night, Before Sol came into being, Who is often confused for his daughter Moon of the Hunt, Mercury. If you look closely you’ll see – That is if your eye can capture The sight of aqueous […]

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Dawn of a Red Orb

Aeons ago Sol wept embers into space, Down his flaring beard, Such tears that spewed like fireworks , Of vibrant variants of voracious reds. There was the intoxicating Merlot – the strong red of wine, The holy Garnet – the sturdy red of the Earth, Sangria the profane – the red of warfare and bloodshed, […]

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Spacey to his surprise was like the vast ocean, Home to astral bodies and flying objects in motion, A million colours unknown to the Cosmic whale, For he saw only in Black and White, Waxed this void like a canvas painted by Miro, With little dots that swam about and formed images – As if […]

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Oh Lyd…

Day 2 – Who was the last person you texted? Write a five line poem to that person. “….Where is the you I knew – the one that stood tall and true to his dream?” “Well we’re all born anew – life happens so you just got to flow with the stream.” “Utter tosh – don’t give […]

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30 Day Poetry Challenge

Originally posted on Give a Hoot:
It finally dawned on me that I haven’t been posting nearly as often as I would have liked. This doesn’t surprise me, because consistency and commitment are things I shy away from. I came across this poetry challenge and thought that it would help me become more disciplined, and…

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Hello, North.

A 60 day account of my journey to the capital of India – Delhi. Prologue A-Levels was such a drag. I started out in 2013 when I was 17 and now I was 20 – soon 21. Failure was something of a common theme in my life – something I knew very well and sometimes better […]

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