The Quintessential Space-cadet

space cadetPS – written for all the Space-cadets out there – Love Ya’ll!

Your mind is the galaxy’s edge,

Forever expanding through –

Time and


Hardening like diamonds everything

It comes across –

Forming crystallised, multifaceted

Webs of information

Very much like Nebulae

Yet free-flowing through dimensions unvisited –

Black-holes and beyond,

Light-years away,

From this mundane place

We call


It’s an escapade,

You’ve made

You self-contained astronaut,

Holding within your suit the –

Secrets of the Milky-Way

And the numbers that make up Infinity,

You hop through this

Lonely planet of life with

No one to challenge your

Mental Karate

Wishing there existed –

Martians or Uranians

Whose brain waves are

Tuned to your frequency,

And their ever sceptical outlook (like yours)

On the functioning of society.

You are more

Amused by the thought of

Swimming through gaseous Jupiter,

Or skating through dust

On the ice-rings of Saturn,

Perhaps even chilling on the cheesy of Moon,

Or running ’round

The curvaceous mounts of Pluto?

Rather than be found

Rotting in an unending

Void called the Internet,

Where “self-image”

Outweighs “self-actualisation”.

Hush now

And speed through your neural pathway

On blazing comets called imagination,

For you are geared to live a

Life on an evolved plane of

Another parallel reality,

Where humans like us may never go.

Cross those pulsars and white dwarfs,

And astral bodies,

Sometimes play and connect those dotty stars

To invent a few more constellations,

And stir up a supernova

In the Cosmos.

Although you may seem “distant”

You remember well the rule of

The Universe –

“One is born from cosmic dust,

And returns to the source when they must,

This much they should know and trust,

For life is not a beginning that ends –

But a continuum that ever flows.”

Which we have all forgotten

Because we’re caught up,

In man-made variables such as –

“Finding our purpose”, or

“Altering our destiny”, or

Amassing wealth to avoid any


When all we had to do was

Pull out our telescopes

And star-gaze for answers –

Like you.

While others may perceive you –

To be “spaced-out” all the time,

We’re the only ones that know

You ride a light-beam

Back and forth between

The real and the surreal,

Ever comprehending the metaphysical –

That which is beyond the mundane

And truly rooted in the

Enchanting presence of the moment!







Everything seemed like a blur caught up in a continuum of uncertainty – academics, family life, social circles,(at least my love life was brimming with hope), and the future.

Especially the future. I had always been weary of change – which is but the feeling of starting things over again from scratch and working your way up, that’s what change is, isn’t it? Even though we say change happens for “good” – we’re but merely blinded by our illusions of the multiple possible routes our life might take, and in that process forgetting the fact that every time change comes ’round the corner we go back to square one. It’s like the refresh button in your PC, except in reality change refreshes the whole programming or coding of what was to be your life, with a clouded image of what your life is going to be. If change is the constant – uncertainty is the answer.

Parasitically stillness spread its roots for about a month or so during when all I did was sit idly, procrastinating and rambling about how A-Levels was such a drag. I felt very astral –  out of my element so to speak and my very existence seemed to be frozen in time. Seconds, minutes, days,  and weeks, all seemed the same – tasteless and numb.

However,the back of my mind did scream optimistically, “there is an answer and a way out of this chaos,find it! or you’ll be caught up in this prevailing void of silence”.

Only Daughter of Sol


Aeons ago when Sol wept tears,

That sparked fireworks in the Milky-way,

Flares of Orange seeped,

Not farther away from his reach,

Pure Cantaloupe – the soothing orange of affection,

Prancing Tiger – the blinding orange of courage and enlightenment, and

Ribbons of Rust – the orange of blithe and eternal lust,

Set Venus afloat like a paper-lantern into cosmic dust.

There she flirts with passersby –

White Dwarfs, Pulsars, Comets, Constellations and all,

Occasionally giving birth to a star or black-hole that travel afar,

Carrying with them their mother’s grace and wisdom,

As they conjure galaxies of their own,

Sending riches back like whole nebulae

Which Venus adorns against her ever-youthful body,

Smiling with pride.



Aeons before ‘aeons’ was termed,

A boring ball of Grey-Matter

Whose origin is alien, hung

In Blackness stiller than the night,

Before Sol came into being,

Who is often confused for his daughter

Moon of the Hunt,


If you look closely you’ll see –

That is if your eye can capture

The sight of aqueous steel zapping by,

So swiftly that it could derail from its orbit

As if he were running a race with Light.

Mercury is Solar Wind,

That stokes the furnace of Sol –

No, he probably gave him life and set him

Ablaze for aeons to come.

But be weary of his whirling speed,

For a day may come,

Years from now,

When he causes –

A magnificent Solar Fission,

And zooms alone into another galaxy

While his brethren meet an ill-fate.

The first comes second and the third comes first?

What madness are these tales of space?

Thought the whale.

Dawn of a Red Orb


Aeons ago Sol wept embers into space,

Down his flaring beard,

Such tears that spewed like fireworks ,

Of vibrant variants of voracious reds.

There was the intoxicating Merlot – the strong red of wine,

The holy Garnet – the sturdy red of the Earth,

Sangria the profane – the red of warfare and bloodshed,

Seething Candy – the molten lava red,

Darting Scarlet – the sanguine and nostalgic red,

And finally Delphic Mahogany – the Dark one that resides unseen at the core.

Together they forged the sphere of hot,vital gravitation – Mars,

The Red Orb of Aggressiveness and Naivete.

His aura so hellish that his terrain boils pots of blood-like fluids

As if to announce the very embodiment of the Roman God!

…….The whale was awestruck by the first tale

As he swam by.



Spacey to his surprise was like the vast ocean,

Home to astral bodies and flying objects in motion,

A million colours unknown to the Cosmic whale,

For he saw only in Black and White,

Waxed this void like a canvas painted by Miro,

With little dots that swam about and formed images –

As if hung there by Seurat,

Comets whizzed about – each a fiery hue of the Sunflowers,

And nebulae looked like

Dreams caused by a flight of the bee around a pomegranate a second,

Juicing out beautifully the multifaceted existence of that beyond comprehension,

Where man will always be a voyager, never conqueror.

But swimming past these metaphors he saw in shades of grey,

The cosmic whale made forth towards the shoal of stars,

In one fell swoop,

Gobbling and devouring a million at a time, like



Oh Lyd…

lyd Day 2 – Who was the last person you texted? Write a five line poem to that person.

“….Where is the you I knew – the one that stood tall and true to his dream?”

“Well we’re all born anew – life happens so you just got to flow with the stream.”

“Utter tosh – don’t give me that bullshit mate! pick your arse up and put it back in place!”

That was the sound of the Dragon – the “can do it girl”

Her voice still haunts me – but it hides a bitter sweet symphony.

When life throws a punch – just duck

Day 1 – Write a poem where each line starts with a letter from your first name (an acrostic). It can be about anything, but it should not be about you or your name.


Adventure marks your existence – your legacy, so go out and prepare to be

Resilient throughout the sucker-punches that head your way from the fist of life,

Voraciously approach your dreams like nobody ever has

Imagined to be possible within a life-time – for all it takes is

Naivety to trust yourself time and time again that you are a

Doer who shows consistently and  seldom dabbles in talk.

30 Day Poetry Challenge

Hm, Let’s try this out shall we?

Adventures of Isabel

It finally dawned on me that I haven’t been posting nearly as often as I would have liked. This doesn’t surprise me, because consistency and commitment are things I shy away from. I came across this poetry challenge and thought that it would help me become more disciplined, and maybe teach me how to write better poetry.

Here it is, feel free to join me:

Day 1- Write a poem where each line starts with a letter from your first name (an acrostic). It can be about anything, but it should not be about you or your name.

Day 2- Who was the last person you texted? Write a five line poem to that person.

Day 3- Find the nearest book (of any kind). Turn to page 8. Use the first ten full words on the page in a poem. You may use them in any order, anywhere in the…

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Hello, North.


A 60 day account of my journey to the capital of India – Delhi.


A-Levels was such a drag.

I started out in 2013 when I was 17 and now I was 20 – soon 21. Failure was something of a common theme in my life – something I knew very well and sometimes better than those that called themselves my friends. However, I was happy that I had explored a range of subjects – biology, chemistry, physics, applied computers, food science, psychology, sociology, art and deign and literature. I was a jack of all trades or rather I felt like the master of Jack himself.

Finally my choice of subjects boiled down to the humanities after I refused to take my biology and chemistry exams in 2015 and flunked them in 2016. There was something amiss though , I felt that if I continued at school – where all of us were moving at this stupendously sluggish pace, I would age well into my early 30s! So I decided to leave which caused a butterfly effect as so did my at the time girlfriend, and a bunch of other senior students. It must’ve been quite a loss for a school of 50 to have 15 of us slide off like an avalanche – just like that. Gone.

I felt quite dreary and  exhausted having studied in the same school for nearly a decade! Ha at least my sister will beat my record. I was glad that I had made this decision because now I would not be a ‘product’ of a school, and all my certificates at 12th grade would spell out loud the words ‘Private Candidate’!

Funnily enough within six months of preparation I appeared for my exams and, guess what?                                                                                                                                                         I did well in English Literature, just passed sociology and flunked psychology! So the cycle repeats itself once more…

Of course there was an outburst at home and a sea of tears – as is the case, in 90 percent of Indian homes whether the son/daughter did exceedingly well (my sister) or were an academic disaster (me), and this time I was not alone. My sister (thank God) had sadly failed too – for I have never ever, ever known a time when she got anything below a higher A or B. This time my parents were dead serious with me and there was talk about throwing me out the house or even worse disowning me – well the former was just a nicer way of putting the latter.

Anyway I told myself – “I was made for learning, not donkey work (studying).”